CorpEstate provides the following services:

• Property management (acts as management company)

• Construction project management (acts as technical customer)

• Property consulting (market analysis; drafting of business cases; assessing business risk and business sensitivity analysis; taxation-specific legal business structuring).

CorpEstate, as the concept developer and operator of the new format farmers’ markets chain « EcoBazaar », provides designing and implementation of these farmers’ markets projects as well as management services including:

1.Services in development of project concept, such as:

• preparation of operational plans, evaluation of trade places according to the categories of products

• elaboration of technological concept design

• estimation of engineering forces

• selection of production and refrigeration retail equipment

• elaboration of technological refrigeration system design

• interior design

• project’s financial effectiveness assessment

2. Services in projection and construction supervision and services in performance qualification

3. Marketing services, including positioning strategy and marketing plan development

4. Brokerage services including preparation of short-hold tenancy agreements, tenants pool estimation and rent agreement contracts.

5. Farmers’ markets management services, including:

• farmers market operation provision in accordance with Russian regulation code of practice

• operating object brokerage, including the revision and optimizations of the rental scheme aimed at object’s yield enhancement 

                   and search of tenants for vacant places

• contract work organization and liaison with tenants on all the questions connected with the farmers’ market operation

• provision of the farmers market functioning and maintenance of the premises and utility systems

• development and delivery of marketing activities aimed at the farmers market promotion

• managing the accounts

• administrative functions: supervising staff recruitment, technical procedures development, paperwork management.