CorpEstate property holding is one of the business directions of the Rostik Group, corporation which companies have been successfully operating and growing in Russia, CIS and Europe since 1981.

Today the structure of the corporation consists of:

· Rosinter Restaurants Holding - is the leading casual dining chain operator in the Russian, CIS and Baltic countries. It is the first Russian restaurant company to be listed on the stock market.

Логотипы Росинтер Ресторантс 3

· Karlson Tourism - is one of the most experienced and trusted operators in the Russian travel market. It is a member of international tour operators IATA and RATA.

· CorpEstate - property holding founded in 2005 with a view to consolidate and manage the « Rostik Group » investment property as well as to develop real estate as an independent business activity.

Коллаж корпэстейт

At present CorpEstate has two main streams of operation:

· • Development. CorpEstate’s strategic goal is the development of the new format farmer’s markets chain «EcoBazaar». The company conceived this concept in 2010 and successfully implemented it in two sites;

· Asset management. The company owns and manages commercial properties, such as offices, retail properties and warehouses that deliver rental income.

The CorpEstate portfolio comprises 74 retail, office and warehouse properties, with a total area of 78,000 sq.m. These properties are located in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The landbank owned by CorpEstate comprises 24.6 ha.

The holding assets’ assessed value as of January 2014 is at USD 214,8 mln.

To preserve business management and increase effectiveness as well as to attract additional investment, CorpEstate Property Holding has maintained audited IFRS statements annually since 2006.